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About Jose Herrera

 To be perfectly honest I have always been an artist. From sketching, to painting, to photography, all it comes down to is I just love art. Capturing a great photo, from being in the studio to shooting street photography, I’m always looking for that one great shot.
I can’t tell you how happy I get when I finish a drawing, stepping back and taking a look at the final product, the lines, the shading, it’s just awesome! And it’s the same when I capture an image in photography. I mean it’s just pure joy. And the best part is failure. Yes failure, it is by far the best teacher, when your image isn't good, you make it better, when it's good you make turn it into gold.

It is at these times is when you get to to experiment and find the shot in the chaos of fixing a problem. I absolutely love it! The color, the light, the point of view, I get excited seeing the final image. I love photography what else can I say.


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Tel: 214.208.4372


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